Our primary focus is the development and manufacture of advanced materials to custom-made specifications at production volumes that enable commercial applications. Several varieties of nanomaterials are also available.

Our quantum dots are a product of precise color control, and provide customers with high-quality, photo bleaching-resistant semiconductor nanoparticles in a range of standardized colors.

In addition, we supply a selection of products with novel properties and sizes; superparamagnetic nanomagnets, and nanosilver.

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Quantum Dots


  • Emission Wavelengths from 510nm-590nm.
  • FWHM < 30 nm
  • QY < 40%



Available in a variety of nominal sizes from 3 nm to 17 nm (while still maintaining superparamagnetic properties at room temperature).


Specific sizes less than 10 nm, in organic solvents.
Please call us for sizes and properties.



6 – 10 nm nominal size of good quality nanosilver in organic solvent.