Product Development:

At Irilliant, we never forget that our customers do not have technology needs, they have commercial problems which our technology may help solve. We have the technology capabilities to expand to meet the needs of many nanomaterials applications. We are here to help you integrate our products into yours.

Details of the Partner Development Program:

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop practically any variation of properties of existing materials from our materials list (special size or conjugation, etc), or the synthesis of a completely new material. We would be pleased to consider a full range of technology ownership opportunities. Professionals wishing to discuss proposals for future nanomaterial applications should contact Irilliant directly.

Collaborative projects may be associated with the following three categories:

  • Synthesis of new nanomaterials
  • Improving and scaling-up the synthesis of a variety of different already developed nanomaterials, and with equal emphasis
  • Functionalizing these nanomaterials

Functionalization (extra processing, chemical and/or other, performed on the raw nanomaterials) enables additional unique properties; For example, efficient and preferential attachment to other entities, (other specific molecules or other specific materials) for well targeted applications in bioimaging, renewable energy, and photonic devices.