Capitalize on novel science:

Irilliant’s proprietary manufacturing methods allow for high throughput, continuous production of low cost, good quality, functionalized nanomaterials.

We believe that Irilliant’s patented technology is the only way to allow the large scale production of good quality nanomaterials necessary for the imminent price-reduction demands of an explosively growing technology sector.

Novel platform technology:

Irilliant is a unique company that can manufacture large quantities of a variety of nearly monodisperse colloidal solutions of nanomaterials at extraordinarily low prices.

Our unique, aerosol-based process for the custom manufacture of these nanomaterials on a commercial scale is protected by worldwide patents.

Irilliant’s method of manufacturing complex nanomaterials easily enables volume increases in supply up to production quantities. This scalability to high-throughput and high volume manufacturing of nanomaterials provides our partners with a platform to accommodate development of a wide variety of next-generation products, particularly in the fields of electronics, lighting, biomedicine, and photovoltaic (PV) solar cells.We are leading the way in the custom-functionalization of nanomaterials for chemical linkage into biological and other specific uses.

By partnering with businesses that have an interest in these areas, through the development of joint research projects and long term commercial relationships, Irilliant will consolidate our position as the world’s foremost supplier of a broad spectrum of affordable nanomaterials to the industry.

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Irilliant’s core intellectual property (IP) is our patented technique for producing consistently high quality nanomaterials cost effectively on an industrial scale.

The manufacturing process dispenses with the high temperature nucleation and growth which prevent other manufacturers from producing nanomaterials in commercially viable volumes.  In addition, the process provides finer control over the size of any given batch of the resultant nanomaterials.

Irilliant’s partners rely on our proven ability to deliver timely, economical, high grade, bulk product shipments, enabling them to take next-generation commercial applications to market.

Irilliant protects its wholly-owned IP in all relevant territories, while pursuing new patents which result from our ongoing R&D activity.

To sustain the explosive growth of emerging technologies employing nanomaterials (such as next generation photovoltaics, electronic displays and lighting, nanomedicine and biotechnology), mature technologies of reliable supply chains must also be developed to allow for the eventual high volume production of nanomaterials at the proper pricing points.

Irilliant’s proprietary technology for the efficient and continuous synthesis of good quality and diverse type of nanomaterials will be the driving force for the accelerated development of all these markets, which will allow Irilliant to capture a large percentage of this explosively growing marketplace.