Our research and development department is constantly engaged in the creation of new materials with additional properties sought by the market, such as RoHS-compliant heavy metal-free quantum dots, CIGS inks, and powerful nanomagnets to name a few.

We currently focus on three specific application areas. In each of these areas we work with partners, commercially-in-confidence, or through internal research projects, combining our expertise to bring innovative, attractive new products to market more quickly.

Photovoltaic cells:

In the drive to deliver the one-dollar-per-watt efficiency goal for PV Cells, CIGS nanoparticles provide an ingenious solution. The photogenerated excitons of these nanoparticles can be harnessed, providing a source of energy. Solar cells composed of CIGS nanoparticles can be a fraction of the cost of traditional solar cells to manufacture, are physically robust and flexible, and operate at high efficiency even in low light conditions.The positive environmental implications of this technology are clear, and the market is anticipated to grow to excess of $7bn by 2015.

Biotechnology and Medicine:

Applications for quantum dots in the area of biotechnology and medicine include surgical use (e.g. illuminating specific cancer cells to facilitate removal), direct therapeutic applications of specific diseases utilizing particular properties of our nanomaterials, drug discovery and diagnostics, where new non-toxic nanoparticles are opening up therapeutic options in a wider range of non-critical illnesses.


Irilliant’s light emitting quantum dots can be implemented in a range of next-generation displays, where they provide brighter images, lower power consumption, improved color purity and longer screen life. Quantum dot screens also enable more cost-effective manufacturing with less material waste. The low cost of producing high quality nanomaterials makes the next generation displays market an ideal fit for our manufacturing technologies.

While these are our core areas of developmental focus, Irilliant maintains an interest in a wide range of developing applications for nanomaterials. We view the CAFS technology as a “platform technology” which enables paradigm-shift thinking. For more details about partnering with Irilliant, visit our Partner Development Program page as well.

Professionals wishing to discuss proposals for future nanomaterial applications should contact Irilliant directly.